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Statement of Intent.

The untimely, unnecessary and brutal death of George Floyd in America has ignited anger across the world, causing protests which has witnessed a coming together of people denouncing such treatment by those who have signed up to protect. The impact of such mass protests taking place across the world is clear to see, people from all cultures, race, gender, beliefs and ages are simply no longer accepting such injustices. The need for change is being verbalised and amplifed clearly. The reaction of people's show of solidarity, has instigated various forms of initiatives and responses from big and small companies, celebrities, even reaching the major music and entertainment industry's.
In response to the worldwide show of solidarity towards the Black Lives Matter cause, UK Homegrown has found a way to effectively contribute to the demand for the much needed change. As we see generations of our people continuing to experience inequality, bias discrimination, violence and brutality throughout their daily lives, emotional empowerment, education and physical support are areas we feel qualified to assist with. Our experience in production and recording of music, providing a platform whereby artists are able to express themselves through music is where we aim to focus our efforts, while making positive use of our available resources and skills. With support and guidance, we aim to ensure artists not only develop the confidence to make their words be heard, but that the words they utter has meaning, is poignant and is a true reflection of themselves, their life experiences and aspirations.
We do not intend to restrict nor withhold the abilities, skills and expectations of artist who we work with. At a time such like now, we would consider such actions as unwarranted, negative and inappropriate. The need for change in the lives of everyone is being clearly remonstrated with amplified voices. It therefore is not our intention to prevent this, but to motivate, encourage and support while contributing to the much needed immediate change, for equality for all.
Black Lives Matter, We strive for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
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