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Singing B

There is no messing with the in your face tones of Singing B, as he captivates you with he's new song entitled Mama. He's delivery is strong, powerful but yet enchanting, causing you to listen intensively, followed by full enjoyment. Mama is Singing B’s first song produced by UK Homegrown which is soon to be released. Promo versions of the song are currently being circulated and available here on request prior to official release. Why not discover Singing B yourself before the masses do.

Vocals Singing B
Ize Redd on Bass guitar, Muted guitar.
Dennis Cross on Keyboard, Organ, Trumpet, and Strings.
UK Homegrown on Drum programming and Percussion.
Mastered by Malcolm Goldmaster 
Copyright © owned by UK Homegrown

Mr Crichlow. New song "InI InI InI".

A wonderful song, depicting black history in memory and current life experiences. Mr Crichlow brings to the forefront past autrosities inflicted upon the black race, while guiding you to the how he gained strength to continue in present life. 

Lyrics: Roger Crichlow.

Vocals: Mr Crichlow 

Production: UK Homegrown 

Credits: Dennis Cross & UK Homegrown.

Mastered by Malcolm Goldmaster

Coming Soon on Bastet Music

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