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UK Homegrown is excited to have launched our new music label “THE TRUTH”. The idea behind the label continues the ethos of UK Homegrown and the music we aim to produce, that being good thought provoking material which addresses the truth behind historic, current world events from a cultural perspective. The label therefore aims to encourage insight, understanding and fearlessness of artists to express themselves without feeling pressured or inclined not to do so. In light of current world history, UK Homegrown feels now more than ever is the time for free expression. Hence THE TRUTH. Whatever is released for public consumption on this label, will be nothing other than the “THE TRUTH”.

Mr Bassie Band logo

Malcolm Goldmaster and members of the Mr Bassie band, over the past the few months have been recording in the studio. To date they have recorded three of their own material, with the aim of building a sound system fan base. If you would like to hear samples of what has been recorded. View Here

On our Facebook. Instagram and LinkedIn pages, you will find "Only For You". A song composed during the twilight hours of Saturday the 29th of October 2016. Work in progress, the vibes is there throughout. Don't take our word for it, check it out! Like it, share it or leave a comment. Your thoughts will be acknowledged. 

Mr Crichlow 

Mr Crichlow, an eccentric character and personality especially in his writing ability. We know it's varied and wide. He's been here before and blew us away with his totally differing vocal style and delivery. UK Homegrown are excited for his return to the studio as he must be heard, introduced to the masses, if only to bring something new to the UK music scene. He's working on material, we've heard a snippet of what's to come, and it's awesome so far. Tune in now on Soundcloud to hear this amasing artist. YES

Log into Mr Crichlow's Facebook page Here

Unfinished business. UK Homegrown uploads a new track on Soundcloud, entitled Kiss Somebody Dub. Check it out! 

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Praise Dub. Check it out on Soundcloud, send a comment or add it to your favourites while monitoring it's development to the final production.

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