Welcome to News, here you will find a selection of material produced by UK Homegrown. It includes music for sale, promotion only also material that is not for sale. We provide a brief description to aid insight and understanding of each production, giving you the ability to choose with confidence and knowledge. Take time to browse through the selection as it grows with obselte, abscure and exclusive material produced by UK Homegrown and only found here.

Malcolm Goldmaster and members of the Mr Bassie band, over the past the few months have been recording in the studio. To date they have recorded three of their own material, with the aim of building a sound system fan base. If you would like to hear samples of what has been recorded. View Here

On our Facebook. Instagram and LinkedIn pages, you will find "Only For You". A song composed during the twilight hours of Saturday the 29th of October 2016. Work in progress, the vibes is there throughout. Don't take our word for it, check it out! Like it, share it or leave a comment. Your thoughts will be acknowledged. 

Mr Crichlow, an eccentric character and personality especially in his writing ability. We know it's varied and wide. He's been here before and blew us away with his totally differing vocal style and delivery. UK Homegrown are excited for his return to the studio as he must be heard, introduced to the masses, if only to bring something new to the UK music scene. He's working on material, we've heard a snippet of what's to come, and it's awesome so far. Tune in now on Soundcloud to hear this amasing artist. YES

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UK Homegrown release "Secrets of a Woman" by Chyna Whyne, her debut single recorded and mixed at Ukhomegrownmusic studio features Chyna at her best. An original penned song, Chyna expresses herself effortlessly, addressing issues experienced in relationships, while offering insight into how a woman should be treated. Secrets of a Woman sits on a punchy rhythm, a slight rendition of Bob Marley's Pimpers Paradise. The track is spacious allowing Chyna space to express herself while positively contributing to the whole production. Now! available on iTunes cdbaby and all reputable download sites, get your copy today!

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Chyna Whyne click to listen to Secrets of a Woman


Produced by UK Homegrown 

Music composed by Dennis Cross

Written by Chyna Whyne

Lead Vocals by Chyna Whyne

Backing Vocals by Chyna Whyne

Recorded & Mixed at Ukhomegrownmusic studio

Mastered by Grammy Nominated Sound Engineer Daniel Boyle.

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Unfinished business. UK Homegrown uploads a new track on Soundcloud, entitled Kiss Somebody Dub. Check it out! 

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Praise Dub. Check it out on Soundcloud, send a comment or add it to your favourites while monitoring it's development to the final production.

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Lamplight sings Dennis Emanuel Brown CD

Black Magic Woman


What Does It Take

In 2010 UK Homegrown ventured into the worlds of the late and great Dennis Emanuel Brown, by seeking out vintage tracks to honour respect to an accomplished artist. Searching through the multitude of songs voiced by Dennis proved difficult and time consuming, nevertheless by pure perseverance, three songs were chosen.

We set about experimenting with the arrangements, sounds, before editing and voicing each track in an attempt to capture the original feel and atmosphere.

Captured on a three track CD is the vocals of Lamplight, delivering soft meaningful lyrics on top of hard hitting but vintage material first voiced by the Dennis himself. 

Lamplight knows this, yet does not shy away from the challenge rather to take it on head first which he does effortless.

Tittles the CD was eventually put aside, forgotten about which has made it in its own right a vintage. Not many will know or even apportion them to an artist who had given the world many hits and classics. But for those who do, hear is memories of the past, captured in the present to live on in the future.

Lamplight sings Dennis Emanuel Brown, on three gems of the past. 

Lyrics: Dennis Emanuel Brown

Vocals: Lamplight

Production: UK Homegrown 

Credits:Dennis Cross 

Price: Limited promotion only

Skinny Banton - Money Have Fi Spend CD UKHCD35

Money Have Fi Spend

Element Woman

Devils Death

Hypocrite & Spy


A Five Track CD produced during the short period Skinny Banton was invited to the  UK by UK Homegrown in 2006. The cd features a sample of some of the songs Skinny voiced during his time in the studio. It includes a transcript narrated by Skinny containing his thoughts, feelings about music, life and his musical inspirations. On completion of the cd, Skinny returned to Grenada, where it was shared among his peers, radio  stations and Sound systems. 

The cd features an eclectic mix of songs providing its listeners with a glimpse of insight into the world of Skinny Banton. As the title track states, Skinny goes on a lyrical rampage spurting  thoughts and opinions of the values of money. He carries through with feelings of world injustices in Hypocrites & Spy after touching on religion and showing a softer side of himself in the second tract. As if he had run out of time, he goes into dialogue that suggests there is more to Skinny Banton than what you hear as he demonstrates on Devils Death.

Skinny's choices of tracks pushes him to places outside his safe zone. Voicing on rhythms that had already captured the interests of its listeners, along with beats normally heard in the undergrounds of the UK dance scene, Skinny displays character, quality and versatility in his performances and delivery on each track as they pulsate, steered in the direction guided by his distinctive vocals.

Although the album helped Skinny achieve growing recognition in Grenada, the album faded away over time,lostin the malay of music Skinny has released. 

Now seen as vintage, rare and collectable material of an artist who continues to deliver in various genres of music, UK Homegrown have taken this opportunity to remind you of some our work over the years. There are very few out there, and even less circulating in the UK. We are giving you the chance to get your rare copy of Skinny Banton Money Have Fi Spend 5 track cd.

Lyrics: by Shirlan George-Skinny Banton

Production: UK Homegrown | Lway Productions

Credits: Delmar Drummond-Jamacia |Jerry Lyons | Dennis Cross | Musical Genius

Price: Promotion Only MP3 available on request.

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