UK Homegrown 

UK Homegrown 


The Studio

Features a carefully designed professionally built pre production music recording facility, consisting of floating floors and expertly installed sound isolation.

The studio consists of cavity spaces between the surrounding walls, to create perfect isolation required when recording and mixing music. 

The control room is acoustically treated to include a suspended perforated professionally constructed sound diffuser and sound absorbers to mitigate noise, reduce the reverberation and reflection, caused by standing waves while being centred around the legendary Soundcraft Sapphyre recording console. This creates a unique feel while placing attention to clarity and production of sound and music; thoroughly appreciated by music connoisseurs.

Along with the ability to record analogue instruments, the studio also uses digital interfaces enabling seamless integration to express the qualities of both systems.

There is a separate purposely built vocal booth adjoining the control room. This comprises of a heavy sliding door adding to the total isolation required by vocalists, musicians and sound engineers alike.  

The vocal booth is of a suitable size and able to accommodate up to three vocalists, whilst maintaining a comfortable ambience. There is also a selection of industry standard microphones to capture your true vocal essence.

There is a fully connected live room able to accommodate live musicians with their instruments. This also doubles up as the lounge area which has been fully equipped with a hifi stereo system for listening back to recorded material, satellite TV, Playstation with access to refreshments and snacks. There is a garden allowing you to escape the rigors of creativity, while enabling the maintenance of inspiration in a relaxing atmosphere.

Equipped with a gambit of vintage and modern recording equipment, the studio aims to cater for most genres. The majority of music produced in the studio, to date, comprises of Reggae, Dub, UK Lovers Rook, as well as Conscious thought provoking music; it is not limited to the genres mentioned

The studio is housed within a privately owned property. Although access to kitchen and bathroom facilities is permitted, consideration of use must be respected.

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